A Dream of Acorns

A Dream of Acorns was inspired by the wonderful diversity of oak trees and energetic squirrels found in North Florida Graphite on hot press watercolor paper All Images, Audio & Artwork  © 2019 N. Fontaine 

Mean Muggin

Ha! Got to love the fierceness These birds mean business! Foraging is hard work - both mockingbirds and boat-tailed grackles can be aggressive when defending territories - watch out for these two because they will come after you before... and after they eat. All Images, Audio & Artwork  © 2019 N. Fontaine 

C’est La Vie

Taking photos of wildlife, especially birds, can be quite the challenge.  There's a great deal of waiting and anticipation of movement involved and I love it! Finding creative ways to re-purpose blurry terribly lit images can also be satisfying.  I wont lie, it is frustrating to come home after a full day out with a... Continue Reading →

Terns Taking Turns

On the coast at St. Marks Wildlife Refuge shorebirds are so much fun to watch!   All Images, Audio & Artwork  © 2019 N.Fontaine 

Extraordinary Ordinary

In 2015 I was a volunteer nature trail guide for the Delaware Highlands Conservancy.   It was a wet cool spring and fungi were out in full force. White mushrooms were plentiful and being honest I was over them! Being in search of more unique forms and colors, I started to ignore the ordinary fungi.  Okay,... Continue Reading →

Sunday Swamp Tromp

Not everyone thinks spending a Sunday in a swamp as an ideal activity, but I do.  This week I was lucky enough to check out a swamp in the  Apalachicola State Forest with two biologists. Being in such a diverse environment was a joy and hanging out with such knowledgeable people made it even better!  This... Continue Reading →

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