“Sunny and passionate”

“Impulsive but rational”

“Helpful, good company but …loud sometimes”

Strange, playful, creative, perceptive, neurotic, compassionate, and persistent

Yup! that’s me… I wasn’t sure how to start this blog so I asked a few people I know to describe me in one word (or two, or three) and well, there you have it. Although I don’t necessarily agree with neurotic,  I can say the other descriptions are pretty accurate  I am a former visual merchandiser, associate media producer and soon to be ecologist.  As a young grasshopper, I spent countless hours walking through the woods in the Catskills with my dogs, collecting snails after rainstorms (and racing them), sitting at the base of trees mimicking birds (my neighbors got a kick out of that), and had a habit of digging holes in the front and backyard (my parents didn’t get a kick out of that).  Looking for and at things was my hobby and now it’s my life  –  As a pretend adult, I hope to merge science with traditional arts and media as a reflection of each other.   How? well that’s a good question. Starting this blog is my first step in figuring that out so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment and/or reach out to me via the email provided on the contact page.







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